What’s SUP in St. Marys?

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is coming to St. Marys! What is SUP you ask? Stand Up Paddleboarding is a sport that originated in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing that allowed surfers to paddle farther into the ocean to catch more waves or to paddle as a sport unto itself. Paddling is also the greatest form of exercise when done correctly. Since the early days in Hawaii the sport has exploded into one of the fasting growing water sports in the world!
The Town of St. Marys and LondonSUP have partnered together to bring this exciting new sport to the Quarry. LondonSUP is a London Ontario based company that is owned and operated by Drew Climie that specializes in SUP.
LondonSUP offers SUP Intro Lessons, Fitness and Yoga Classes, youth programs, coaching services, and sales.
In St. Marys, classes will be starting at the swim quarry July 5th but you can sign up any time by contacting Guest Services at the Pyramid Recreation Centre, call 519-284-2160 or email prccsr@town.stmarys.on.ca . You can sign up for SUP Intro Lessons, SUP Yoga Fit classes, PaddleFit Intro to SUP Fitness classes, SUP Youth programs, and SUP Skill Building sessions. To see firsthand what SUP is all about, join us June 26th at the Quarry Kick-off to see the boards in action.
With so many new programs this summer the Quarry is going to be an especially fun place to be!