What’s in store for 2016?

It is difficult to know where 2016 fits in history, whether it was a good year or not. It seems that on a world wide basis, tragedy got more headlines over other notable news. In Canada, the election result was one of the bigger stories, even though most people felt it went on too long.
What is in store for 2016?
In St. Marys, infrastructure should be in the forefront with many projected plans on the horizon. Repairs of bridges will be highlighted this year with the Water Street Bridge at the top of the list. The problem of course is the cost of such projects, so, Council will have to do their due diligence at budget time. Another local issue will be the future of Cadzow Pool and this will be a contentious issue, with many people support each side of the issue. As far as infrastructure money is concerned, it will be interesting to see how this area is treated because this area has opposition members in both the federal and provincial levels. With 184 Liberals being elected federally, it would seem that we could be 185th or worse on the list. But that remains to be seen.
On the world stage, the big news will be south of the border with the presidential election looming. The question will be whether Donald Trump will make it as he has been on top of all polls for six months now. Looking on the issue from our side of the border, it is hard to believe that there is so much opposition to further gun controls. They sure love their guns and the second amendment.
Another big issue on the world wide stage will be how the terror groups such as ISIL, aLQaeda, or Boko Harem etc. will threaten countries as they have done in the past. What role will Canada play? Will we have a significant role to play?
And of course, refugees will still be looking for new homes, and Canada will see many coming here in the near future.
It should be an interesting year and we hope terrorism and terrorists are kept at bay with no more mass shootings.