What Comes Next? – Predictions for 2016 With Tracey Milne AAHP

Happy New Year!
Here is a general overview of the year ahead. 2016 will be full of surprises and growth in multiple directions for everyone on planet Earth. Numerically 2016 represents the number 9, bringing in an energy that allows us to walk in our wisdom more comfortably. It also encourages integrity in all interactions, so for those who have been lining their pockets at the expense of another, prepare yourself for a rude awakening until a balance of generosity is restored.
2016 begins the Year of The Monkey in Chinese astrology, and the energy known to accompany The Influence of The Monkey encourages free thinking, risk taking and personal growth and fun. For those who can embrace their ability to think quickly, follow their Intuitive leads, and look for the bright side in most situations, 2016 wil l hold many unexpected surprises and advancements, especially in your career zone and personal relationships.
Globally, Technological advancements will flourish this year, however dominating or bullying behaviour will fail to move those people who are tired of struggle, strife & war as a way of resolving issues. New agreements flourish.
Personally, A heartfelt compromise at the beginning of the year can set the stage for growth on many levels. The winter & fall look best for big changes and big returns. Relationships that hold mutual respect at their core will blossom and grow, those that do not will disintegrate under The Monkey. A rearrangement of priorities opens new doors. New adventures awaken the soul, follow your heart this year. For a more personal look at your year ahead go to www.whatcomesnext4u.com, or call (519)284-4251 and book your appointment soon. Long Distance or In House. Namaste Tracey Milne AAHP