Watch This Not That: The Revenant and The Good Dinosaur

By Samantha Mills
Watch this: The Revenant
Based on the astonishing true story, The Revenant is an action-packed ride that spares you none of the gore or vicious reality of the frontier wilderness. We follow the story of a frontiersman and fur trapper Hugh Glass through breathtaking scenery depicting everything from snow peaked mountain ranges to mossy old growth forests. The plot supplies enough twists and action scenes to keep things interesting and enough slow moments to really take in the atmosphere without over-indulging in either. The characters are likeable enough but the main focus is on Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Hugh Glass, who really takes the cake. DiCaprio’s role is fabulously done, creating a likeably, empathetic character that makes the movie all the more entertaining. If gore is not your thing, then I’d suggest you skip this movie as it never shies away from the bloody details but if you’re in the mood for nature, action and survival, check it out and see for yourself!

Not that: The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur is the 16th film released by Pixar and the second film from the studio to hit the big screen in 2015. As films go, The Good Dinosaur has good intentions but seems a little misguided. The stunningly realistic and beautiful backgrounds clash drastically with the cartoonish designs of the characters and though both artistic designs would have turned out fine in their own separate movies, when smashed together they only take away from each other. The plot is slow and predictable. The editing shows through at points as some scenes seem pretty isolated from the rest of the plot and are almost unnecessary. Though a few interesting characters crop up (a certain trio of Old Western styled T-Rexes were fun to hang out with) the rest are pretty forgettable and buried deep in clich├ęs. Boredom is a high likelihood for both parents and children alike.