Town has $1 million surplus – Change to parking on Maxwell Street

In a report to the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, Town Treasurer Jim Brown said that the Town had just over a $1 million surplus in 2014 in what was budgeted and actually spent. Coun. Bill Osborne said that this amount was “dangerously large” and warrants an explanation. Interim CAO Bruce Grant said that some of this could be attributed to the OPP rebate, not replacing the Deputy treasurer who left and some work that was budgeted but not carried out. Coun. Carey Pope commented that this “will be hard to explain to the public who don’t get a rebate”. One of the solutions in what to do with the surplus was to allocate some of this surplus to the LED project for 2015, give the Hospital Foundation the $300,000 they had requested and put the remainder into General Capital Reserve to fund the downtown core re-construction and the Water Street Bridge in 2016. The donation to the Hospital Foundation ran into a road block when Coun. Don Van Galen made a motion that if money is given it should be for specific capital projects. Coun. Bill Osborne objected to this saying that the Foundation would know where the money should be spent without the Town having an input. In a vote, the Coun. Van Galen motion passed with only Coun. Osborne voting against. Because the Town does not know the specifics of what capital projects are on the go at the Hospital, it was left to staff to have a recommendation for the next Council meeting.
On a recommendation from the Director of Operations, Chad Papple, a new By-law will be to make the north side of Maxwell Street, “no parking” from James Street to Southvale Road. Papple said that the change is to maintain safe and efficient traffic flow. At present there is a seasonal parking restriction, especially when schools are opened, but this new By-law would make it effective year round.
The Committee also authorized $4,000 to use a sonic depth checker, from the Cement Plant to check the status of the Quarry water, as a possible solution whether or not diving will be allowed at the Quarry in the future.