Thanks for your complaints! (Yes, seriously)

By Stewart Grant
In certain neighbourhoods, we have new deliverers of your newspaper. Like any job, there is a bit of a learning curve. For many young deliverers of our paper, this is the first job they’ve ever had.
If your paper isn’t being delivered properly, let us know! Your paper should never blow around on your porch or on your lawn. It should be delivered into your mailbox (if you have one) or secured in your door latch, between your doors, or partially under your welcome mat.
We can’t provide good feedback to our deliverers unless we hear from you on how they are doing. So please, we encourage you to email us at with any feedback (positive or negative) that you have throughout the year. Email is the best form of communication in this instance. You can also call or visit us, but the staff member that you talk to might not be the same person that has to talk to the deliverer, so there is a risk that your feedback could get lost in translation.