Thank you and Merry Christmas

As we come to the end of another year, with this being our last issue until the New Year, we would like to reflect a little as we head into our 15th year.
When the Independent was started, we had a philosophy of being educational, entertaining and informative. To this day we still try very hard to live up to those standards. By no means are we perfect but people can be and are assured that we try very hard every week to put out the best newspaper possible.
During this year we have seen Stewart Grant take over the ownership and this was essential to take the Independent to the next level.
We have many people to thank for all the support over the years and we are still amazed and humbled at the number of people who read us every week.
It is interesting to note that we have some businesses that have been advertising with us since day one, and for this we appreciate their business. This goes both ways as we have always tried to have reasonable advertising rates, so that these businesses would see the benefits of advertising with us. This holds for all businesses and individuals because we value all customers who do business with us.
Next we have to thank all the readers who have faithfully supported us over the years.
We have tried to have something in the paper for you regardless of how old you might be and we know that people have their “favourites” that they go to first every week, from the reports we hear.
So, thank you one and all and we will say what so many people refuse to say and that is “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.
Something to think about…