St. Marys Memorial Hospital diagnostic imaging goes fully digital

On Tuesday morning, representatives from Veterinary Purchasing came to check out the new addition to St. Marys Memorial Hospital’s x-ray department that their recent donation made possible. Pictured with the new portable digital imaging machine, from left, are HPHA Radiologist Keith Sparrow, Veterinary Purchasing CFO Pat Hinnegan, x-ray technologist Sharon Lindner, Veterinary Purchasing CEO Rick Culbert, HPHA Vice President of People and Workplace Health Marie Ormerod, HPHA interim Manager of Medical Imaging Louanne Plain, HPHA Director of Diagnostics Services Graeme Johnston, and Veterinary Purchasing Regulatory Compliance Manager Stacey MacNeil.
By Dan Rankin
The diagnostic imaging department at St. Marys Memorial Hospital is now the envy of those at the other Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance sites, as our hospital’s x-ray suite is the first that is fully digital.
These bragging rights come thanks to the recent $200,000 donation by Veterinary Purchasing to the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Someone I Know capital campaign. The donation has been used, in part, to acquire a DXD-100 – a state-of-the-art portable, digital x-ray machine from the German-Belgian company Agfa Healthcare.
The mobile machine’s wireless technology lets x-ray technologists gather images in the emergency department or from a patient’s bedside. It also provides the hospital with a backup source for high-quality imaging, should the primary x-ray room require service.
Representatives from Veterinary Purchasing came to check out the new addition to the St. Marys hospital’s x-ray department on Tuesday morning
“This is something really special for us – to have this machine available, and to be the first one in the alliance is wonderful,” said chair of the hospital foundation John McIntosh. “Certainly, without Vet Purchasing, this would not be possible.”
McIntosh said that the fact the money which was raised from within the community will stay in the community makes it all the more special. “That’s very important to our donors,” he said. “Coming up to the Christmas season of course, we’re out there knocking on doors and making people aware of what we’re doing.”
The mobile DXD-100 unit first arrived in St. Marys while the hospital’s new digital x-ray suite was being constructed last year, said the HPHA’s interim manager of medical imaging Louanne Plain. “During this installation period, in order to provide x-ray service to the emergency department and in-patient areas, Agfa offered an interim solution of the DXD-100,” she said. “It was brought in and set up in an adjacent room.”
But the technologists, physicians and radiologists working with the DXD-100 quickly found out just how useful and advanced it was, and became interested in it staying around longer than just as an interim solution. “Being able to see the image within seconds on the monitor right after you did the x-ray is extremely advantageous,” Plain said. “Now, with the hard work of the foundation, and thanks to Vet Purchasing with the generous donation, the DXD-100 is paid in full and is staying right here.”