St. Marys Curling Report

By Stewart Grant
This year, the Open Competitive League adopted a new tier-system in which the 18-team league was split into three groups of six teams apiece. By November 19th, the first round robin was in the books, with Derek Shackleton’s and Brian Douglas’ teams leading Division “A” with identical records of 3-1-1. Gary Crowley and Ron Ferguson were the top two teams in the initial Division “B” round robin, and therefore have advanced into Division “A” where they join Shackleton, Douglas, Matt Ignor and Amie Shackleton for a new set of round robin matches.
Through play on November 30th, the wily veterans comprising Marvin Hartwick’s team were atop the Men’s Social League standings with a record of 5-1-0. However this week, the Hartwick team suffered their second loss of the season, losing on the final shot to the Stewart Grant rink. Rookie Chris Connolly, the Grant team’s 7th alternate, was called in to play the lead position and was surprisingly solid.