Sr, Jr Girls Basketball teams dominate season opener

By Scott Maxwell
The St. Marys DCVI Salukis got their basketball season underway Wednesday afternoon, as the senior girls team beat the Listowel Lightning 50-24, and the junior girls beat Listowels junior team 70-9.
The senior girls kicked off the doubleheader with a strong opening quarter, keeping Listowel off the scoreboard for the first six minutes of the game, while hitting the net themselves, and they saw a 10-2 lead after the first. Laura Vink led the way in the first, scoring six of the 10 points. The Salukis continued to dominate in the second, as a 14-6 run gave them a 24-8 lead at the half. In the third quarter, St. Marys produced similar offense, but held the Lightning to four points, despite a mishap where the ball had bounced off the bottom of the backboard, and onto the foul line, leading the Salukis to think that it was out of bounds, giving the Lightning an easy breakaway. St. Marys almost scored on an impressive buzzerbeater in the third, as Nicole Marriott made an excellent throw into the key to create a prime scoring chance for Sarah Lucas, but she just missed the shot. Vink had another strong quarter, scoring another six points. The Salukis let off the gas in the fourth quarter, as back and forth play led to a 12-12 quarter, but they still came out with a win.
Vink led the team in scoring with 16 points, and Marriott was second with seven. However, the team generated offense from everybody, as everyone except one player for the Salukis got on the board, something coach Ian Moore was very happy about. “Everybody has to score, because if you just have one player scoring, eventually the other team can shut that player down, and you have no one else to get you points. If the whole team is scoring, it’s hard to shut them down,” Moore said after the game.
The junior girls had quite the performance to follow up on, and they did not disappoint. The girls put up 21 points in the first, including seven points from Nathalie Bettger, six points from Abbey Thorup, and six points from Becca Knarr, and allowed only six points. If the coach was disappointed with the team’s defensive effort in the first quarter, he shouldn’t have been for the rest of the game. After an early basket from the Lightning, Listowel got held off the board for the rest of the quarter, and St. Marys would take a 38-8 lead into the half. Bettger had another strong quarter, as she got eight points. They’d keep Listowel off the scoresheet during the entire third quarter, while getting 16 points themselves to have a 54-8 lead. St. Marys finished off the game showing no mercy, scoring 16 points again in the fourth quarter. They’d slip up a bit defensively, allowing a point on a late free throw, but they’d still keep a 61 point lead between them to get the win.
Bettger and Thorup both had excellent games, scoring 23 and 14 points, but it was a team committee that got the Salukis the win, as they got points from all but two players, while shutting down all but three players on Listowel. However, coach Gregg Blackler realizes that not every game will be as good as this. “It’s early in the season and we just keep working on those, and defensively we didn’t get challenged today, so we haven’t been tested,” Blackler said after the win.
Next Week
Fri. Sep. 25
- Boys & Girls HP Golf @ Listowel (All Day)
- Senior Boys Volleyball @ Waterloo Tournament (2:00 pm – 8:00 pm)
Sat. Sep. 26
- Senior Boys Volleyball @ Waterloo Tournament (All Day)
Mon. Sep. 28
- Field Hockey @ MDSS (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm)
Wed. Sep. 30
- Girls Basketball @ FEMSS (7:00 am – 3:30 pm)
- Boys Baseball @ Home (11:50 am – 3:20 pm)
Thu. Sep, 31
- Cross Country @ Springbank Park (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)
- Boys Volleyball @ Home (1:50 pm – 5:50 pm)