Simply Sew owner also town’s new Weight Watchers leader

By Samantha Mills
Kristine Fink, owner of Simply Sew in St. Marys, has taken on a new challenge as the town’s Weight Watchers leader.
Fink said she wanted to get back on board for two reasons. “After some big changes to my family and my life, I felt that I was ready to return to this new and exciting program,” she said. “With some weight to lose myself, I am looking forward to this journey with my members. Secondly, with the construction coming to town, I believe it is so important for our St. Marys community to be able to participate in so many of the fantastic programs our town has to offer.”
Now she is taking on the position of leader, with tasks including greeting people at the door (which she called the hardest part), leading the 30-minute meetings during which they discuss members’ questions and successes, as well as sharing her knowledge of the new ‘Smartpoints’ program with her members.
It may sound like a challenge but it’s nothing that Fink can’t handle. The Weight Watchers program can be described more as a lifestyle choice than a diet, she said.
Certain foods are equal to a number of ‘points’, which take into consideration the food’s overall value, aside from just the calories. In Weight Watchers, no food is off limits; the program only encourages its members to make healthy decisions while committing to activities that gain them ‘fitpoints.’
Fink says that finding a balance between her job at Simply Sew, her family and now Weight Watchers has “had its challenges.”
However, her customers “have been amazing over the last year with being so understanding of my unexpected closures,” she said.
Simply Sew remains open full-time Monday to Thursday from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm and Friday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. The next weigh-in will be held on March 2 at the Pyramid Centre in the End Zone at 5:45 pm, with the regular meeting beginning in the same location at 6:15 pm.
For more information about Weight Watchers or Simply Sew, contact Kristine Fink at 519-274-4098 or follow Simple Sew on Facebook.