Sale of property due to tax arrears

OMB hearing and other Town news

Town Treasurer Jim Brown proposed to the Committee of the whole on Tuesday, a collection process for properties with taxes in arrears three years and greater. Brown said that at present there is a total of $780K in unpaid taxes and in the three years or longer category, there are 20 properties in town with tax arrears for a total of $322K. The breakdown is 18 residential and 2 businesses. Under the proposed plan, Brown said that for the group of 3 years or more category, a tax arrears certificate will be registered against the property the one year countdown begins and the property could be sold. This will happen after final notices are issued and the property can stop the sale if all the taxes plus interest is paid or at least 20% of the total is paid, with Council’s approval. To help with the process, a municipal tax collection agency will be retained for a flat fee.
An OMB hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 27 to hear an application for a proposed plan by Stan Clark. The original plan that was proposed was to sever two lots at 402 Elgin Street East for two single detached dwellings. At a public meeting held last August, there was opposition from local residents and the Committee of Adjusted turned down the application. The hearing will be held at the MOCA on Jones Street South, starting at 10:30 am.
In other Town news, the St, Marys Public Library and the Community Players are receiving Trillium Grants.
The Library grant is for $36,700 for a space/service study and the Community Players grant is $38,300 for the upgrade of the Auditorium at the Town Hall. However an application for $300K under a MOI Communities Fund grant for the construction of Queen Street was declined