Pumpkins, Sunglasses and Tree Planting (Gallery)

Nate Schiedel, Garrett Guymer, Trenton Labadee, Jaden Kompf, Savannah Kompf and Claire Dunbar took part in the Pumpkin Weigh-Off at McCully’s Farm on Sunday, Oct. 18. The pumpkin weigh-off was part of the McCully’s Fall Harvest Festival that raised money for the Little Falls Forest School.
Pictured modelling their new sunglasses, care of St. Marys Optometry, is Ms. Douglas’ Grade Two class at Little Falls Public School, one of eight Outdoor School classes who got shades on the morning of Oct. 15. Back row, from left are Dr. Carol Venn and Maggie Banks, from St. Marys Optometry, and Ms. Douglas.

This past Monday at Centennial Park south of the Lind Sportsplex, the St. Marys Horticultural Society planted five different cultivars (or varities) of fruiting pear trees to recognize their 50th Anniversary – a different tree for each decade of service to the community. From left are John Drummond, of Greenbelt Farm near Mitchell, Liz Webley, Arlene Callender, Ron Hunter, Dorothy Elliott, Fred Webley, Anna Peterson and Nancy Habermehl. The cultivars included Anjou, Noble Russet Bosc, Bartlett and Clapp’s Favourite. The society said that, come mid-May, the trees will put on a great display in bloom and then ripen at different times starting mid- to late-Augusts. The Pear (pyrus communis) is an upright tree with long straight trunk and dark brown bark broken into small squares. They are long lived and have very strong, durable and finely-grained wood. The foliage is dark glossy green.


Top left are Eve Greig and Caitlyn Jantzi. Bottom left are Olivia McClelland and Michael Boonstra.
Mrs. Michelle Coles Little Falls Public School Grade 5 class spent some of Thursday afternoon planting about 500 daffodil, tulip and lily bulbs in the school’s front flower bed. They were donated to the school by Frances Kilbourne and will sprout up in the spring. Last year’s flowers became the inspirations for several other classes’ art projects.