Public meetings for budget and downtown reconstruction

Big response for Question of the Week

With the final decisions being made for the Town budget, Council has announced the date for a public meeting. A formal presentation followed by a question and answer session will be held at the Town Hall Auditorium on Tuesday, March 8 starting at 7:00 pm. Meanwhile, an Open House for the downtown reconstruction will be held this coming Thursday, Feb. 25 at the MOC on James Street South from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Town staff and the engineers will be on hand to answer questions.
On Tuesday, Council made final decisions on the Grant Requests for local organizations, with some requests being denied. The grant money is financed from interest from the PUC Fund. The following were successful with the amounts granted: Hall of Fame Induction festivities $5,900, St. Marys Goals Breakfast program, $6,000, Canada Day Parade, $425, Save VIA, $13,000 (asked for $20,000), Stratford Perth Community Foundation, $2,500, St. Marys Beautification Committee, $2.500, River Rock Music Festival, $3,009, DCVI Scholarship $1,500, United Way, $$5,500, Community Meal $1,000. A request from the Hospital Foundation for $50,000 was postponed until the Foundation makes a presentation to Council. Grants denied included Little Falls Forrest School program, Holy Name School natural outdoor playground, St. Marys Skating Club for a rate reduction, and St. Marys Ringette Association.
Our question of the week last week regarding the request from the Hall of Fame requesting funding from the Town drew a large response. There were 240 responses with 219 (91%) saying the Town should agree to pay while 21 voted no (9%).
And finally, Town CAO, Brent Kittmer, said that he is asked by some why the street lights are on sometimes during the day. He said that the street lights are wired in series and that if maintenance is being done on a light(s), then all the lights will be on. He said that this is not a neglect but rather a practical result of maintenance.