Perth South hears letter from upset resident regarding Avonfoot Bridge closure

By Dan Rankin
After the announcement late last month that Perth South Council would close both the Avonfoot and Tafalgar Bridge effective Nov. 2, Mayor Robert Wilhelm received a letter from a resident who was upset by the decision. Due to his absence from Council’s meeting this week, Wilhelm directed Deputy Mayor Jim Aitcheson to read the letter aloud at the meeting.
From Perth South resident Elaine Standeaven, the letter criticized council’s decisions to decrease load and height limits on the bridges for the past several years. “You have managed to decrease the traffic flow to convince yourselves that they are not being used enough to matter,” she wrote. “I would like to have invited you to stand at my kitchen sink for a morning to see how much the East River Road is used. I think you would be surprised as I was when I first moved to the house.”
She went to remind Council that “we, in the far off corner of Perth South do matter.” In reply to a comment Coun. Stuart Arkett made regarding the rest of the municipality funding the bridges many didn’t use, Standeaven wrote, “I would like to remind him that for years we have been paying for paving miles and miles of roads that we seldom or never use.”
Council accepted the letter as correspondence.