Over 250 runners out for River Road Run Sunday morning

And they’re off! St. Marys Mayor Al Strathdee oversaw the start of all three races, including the 5 km race pictured. Marcel Scheele (bib 238 in yellow) placed first in the 5 km with a time of 17:34.
By Dan Rankin
A crush of kids swarmed around the race results last Sunday morning, moments after race volunteer Victoria Jeffrey posted them up on the fence bordering the park across from the Lind Sportsplex. Their race-reddened faces scanned the names and numbers. Some shouted in glee before running off to share their personal-best results. “I did worse than last year,” others huffed.
Katie Curtis, right, from Bob Smibert’s Fitness Studio, leads a warmup prior to the races Sunday morning.
After a warm-up led by Katie Curtis, from Bob Smibert’s Fitness Studio, a total of 262 runners took part in the three races (3 km, 5 km, 10 km) Sunday, with over 50 others including volunteers and supporters coming out for the day. A stone-faced group of 37 athletes lined up first, for the 10 km, followed by 79 for the 5 km, and then a massive pack of 146 running the 3 km.
Placing in the top three of the 3 km race were 12-year-old Ethan Aarts, a Holy Name student from Lakeside, with a time of 11:08, followed by 10-year-old Kelly Mantel, a London District Public School student, with a time of 12:39, and 11-year-old Ben Turner of St. Marys with a time of 12:47.
DCVI track star Marcel Scheele, 16, was the first finisher from the 5 km with a time of 17:34, and a blistering pace of 3:31 per kilometre – best in all three races. Second place was 52-year-old Albany Koi of London, with a time of 21:00 even, and third was Eric Taylor, 13, of St. Marys, whose time was 21:34. Scheele’s DCVI track teammates Abbey Thorup and Aimee King also placed in the top 20, placing 18 and 19, respectively, with matching times of 25:47.
Stratford’s Matthew Ort, 46, was first overall in the 10 km race with a time of 37:32. Second place went to David Colafranceschi of London, also 46, whose time was 39:22. He was followed by 37-year-old Emily Patton who had a time of 39:52.

St. Marys Independent publisher Stewart Grant catches a breather following the 5 km race. He placed 13th with a time of 23:30.