OMB hearing decision in 4–5 weeks

“Frenchies” chip wagon on hold

An OMB hearing that Stan Clark had requested, was heard on Wednesday at the MOC. Mr. Clark by requesting the hearing was hoping to have the Town’s decision on severing land at Elgin Street East and Huron Street reversed. The Town was represented by lawyer Ken Strong while Mr. Clark was representing himself, which led to some uncomfortable moments, due to Mr. Clark not being familiar with procedures in such a hearing. The issue involves Mr. Clark’s request to have two lots of property being severed into three lots. The Planning Committee, which was backed by the Town, had refused the request because “it was not in keeping with the neighbourhood”, and the density was higher than what was in the Official Plan. The density calls for 10-15 units per hectare, while the application was for 21 units per hectare. Brian Harris also spoke at the hearing, representing the neighbours, who are against the severing, citing an objection to “infilling”. The OMB chair, Steve Stefanko, said that he would render a decision in “4 – 5 weeks”.
At the Council meeting on Tuesday, Chris and Aimee Brown made a presentation asking for permission to operate “Frenchies French Fries” to operate the chip wagon at the present location, Waterloo and Queen. They said that if permission was granted, they would purchase the wagon, to begin business in the spring.
However, Council did not approve the request until a new By-Law was passed to update the Town’s policy on food vendors in the downtown. One of the concerns is that the wagon is on a road allowance, which is the street. Also it was indicated that a permit for “mobile canteens” would have to be obtained. The Brown’s request was tabled until further investigation is done.