Nater vows to be an accessible MP for all citizens of Perth-Wellington

By Dan Rankin
Newly-elected Perth-Wellington Conservative MP John Nater called the atmosphere at the Mitchell Golf and Country Club for his election night party, which later morphed in a victory party, very exciting. “We didn’t know where we were going to end up when the polls started coming in, but we slowly started to pull ahead,” he said. “It was nice to see when the polls starting turning in our favour.”
He said that night he received a phone call from the runner up in the Perth-Wellington race, Liberal candidate Stephen McCotter, in which the Grit candidate gave “a very gracious concession,” and wished him well. NDP candidate Ethan Rabidoux “joined us at our victory party and gave a very gracious concession speech and also wished me well, and the next day I received messages from both Irma De Vries and Nicole Ramsdale as well,” Nater said.
But the celebrations at Nater campaign HQ were dampened somewhat by the news that Conservative candidates around the country were not having same kind of night.
Nater said that, while he “certainly would have preferred a Conservative government,” he believes that the voters are always right. “They’re never wrong, and they saw fit to elect a Liberal majority government,” he said. “I look forward to working cooperatively and collaboratively as a member of the Opposition to make sure the people of Perth-Wellington are well-served in their new government.”
For Member of Parliament John Nater, “work has already started,” he said.
“We were up first thing in the morning and at the St. Marys Mayor’s Breakfast, and have been returning phone calls and taking meetings ever since,” he said. “We’re hoping to set up our offices in the near future. We haven’t finalized it yet, but we will have one office in the Perth side of the riding and one in the Wellington side of the riding. We will make sure it’s well-known to the people.”
Nater won the race by 2,835 votes, but only accumulated a relatively slim 43 percent of the ballot. Aware that not everyone in the riding supported campaign, Nater said he would work hard for everyone in Perth-Wellington, “regardless of how people voted or where they live.”
“I will be an accessible MP working hard on their behalf each and every day no matter how somebody voted,” he said. “I will be here and I look forward to serving them.”