Major work planned for downtown – The Town wants your ideas

At a “pre-design” public meeting at the PRC on Tuesday (minus a microphone!) the Town and the engineering company BM Ross outlined some of the scope of the work that will be done in the downtown in the spring. The work will be from Peel Street to Thomas Street and will include water service replacement, asphalt rehabilitation, and sidewalk reconstruction. The last major work in the downtown was in 1972. The plans include replacing the copper pipes going into each store’s basement and raising the sidewalk to eliminate steps going into the stores. They would like to incorporate all improvements that may include the Façade Grant program and the Heritage Grant program, as well as utility companies such as Quadro who would like to improve their connections in the area. In order to facilitate all the changes the Town is asking for ideas on what work could improve the area. The work will take 10 weeks and whether the entire downtown should be shut down to complete the work has yet to be decided. If you have any ideas, you can add your comments on the Town’s website or you can call Chad Papple at the MOC. There will be further public meetings scheduled as more definite plans are being decided.