Little Falls Public School excels at Regional Cross Country Meet

On your marks, get set, GO!!! The 10-year-old boys leap from the starting position as they begin their 1500-metre cross country race.
By Stewart Grant
Yesterday afternoon, dozens of youngsters from Little Falls Public School made the trip to Exeter for the Regional Cross Country Meet, where they competed against runners from area schools South Huron, Bedford, Anne Hathaway, Upper Thames and Avon.
Maybe it’s something in the water, or maybe it’s strong legs from climbing the hills of St. Marys, but Little Falls runners had a great day at the regional meet. Taking first prize in their respective races were Kiara McGregor (8-year-old girls), Ryan Hodkinson (9-year-old boys), Owen Boyd (10-year-old boys), Lydia Taylor (11-year-old girls race), and Carter McDougall (11-year-old boys).

Little Falls’ students with top-ten performances were:

8-year-old boys race: Grayson Boreham (2nd), Nate Schiedel (3rd), Griffin McGregor (6th), Quinlan Bolton (10th)
8-year-old girls race: Kiara McGregor (1st), Jenna Pickering (3rd), Sydney Grant (8th)
9-year-old boys race: Ryan Hodkinson (1st)
9-year-old girls race: Avery Jones (7th)
10-year-old boys race: Owen Boyd (1st), Ian Boyd (2nd), Jimmy Schiedel (5th)
10-year-old girls race: Anne Griffith-Jones (3rd)
11-year-old boys race: Carter McDougall (1st), Kirk Boreham (2nd), Caleb Thompson (9th)
11-year-old girls race: Lydia Taylor (1st)
12 year-old boys race: Sam Sedley (4th), Scott Standeaven (7th)
12-year-old girls race: Alex Humphrys (4th), Kaitlyn Dufton (5th), Maddie Ward (6th)
13-year-old boys race: Eric Taylor (5th), Blake Boreham (9th)
13-year-old girls race: Ally Muir (5th), Shay Ainslie (10th)
All runners finishing in the top-12 qualify for the Avon Maitland District School Board Cross Country Meet on October 15th at Wildwood Conservation Area.
Boreham brothers Grayson (8) and Kirk Boreham (11) each took home silver medals at the Regional Cross Country meet in Exeter yesterday.
Owen and Ian Boyd raced each other for the 1st place finish in the 10-year-old boys cross country meet in Exeter yesterday.