Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
My pet peeve every winter are the snowmobiles on the sidewalks and in the parks. I walk on the sidewalks to avoid motorized modes of transportation. Who would scream the loudest if I decided the designated snowmobile trails would be a good place for a mid-winter’s hike. People would get down right angry if I merrily decided the middle of road would be a good place to walk. Three times already this winter I have had to jump off the sidewalk to avoid being run down because their attitude seems to be they have every right to be there. Would the police be concerned if motorcycle riders decided the sidewalks would be a good place to ride? If you walk on the River View Walkway on a nice winter’s day you are frequently accosted by snowmobiles screaming by at high speed without a care in the world, spewing their fumes down your throat. Cross country skiers tell me that the snowmobiles ruin it for them. There are signs telling people that snowmobiles are not permitted which are ignored. Does someone have to be hurt before they take this seriously? Am I the only one who feels this way?
R. Culbert

Dear Editor,
What does the town of St.Marys have to bring tourists to shop in our downtown stores, eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels or B&B’s? It could be the attraction of the Town Hall building or a swim in the Quarry-if you pass the test and a lifeguard is on duty. There may be a few other things to bring people to St.Marys, but the biggest attraction is THE CANADIAN BASEBALL HALL OF FAME & MUSEUM.
Being a volunteer for the CBBHF&M for many years I get a chance to talk to these people who come from far and wide to visit our museum, see a ball game, and when they ask me where is a good place to eat, find accommodation & do some shopping I gladly tell them what we have in our town.
Our town officials should be 100% boosting and doing everything possible to support this well known project.
Sincerely- wanting the best for St.Marys,
Nelda Mossip-Oliver.