Industry Breakfast March 30 at golf course to provide update on budget, Queen Street reconstruction

By Dan Rankin

When industry representatives and downtown merchants gather for a Town of St. Marys-hosted breakfast early next Wednesday, March 30, at the St. Marys Golf and Country Club, they will hear a number of presentations ranging from the Town’s 2016 budget, to the latest on plans involved with this year’s major Queen Street reconstruction, to steps being taken by local students to make St. Marys a more inclusive place to live.

Leading the presentation highlighting areas of the budget that are of interest for the town’s industrial and large commercial sector will be CAO Brent Kittmer, retail retention and recruitment coordinator Piper Badgley told the Independent.

Badgley said Kittmer would also provide an update on how trucks can expect to be routed during the Queen Street reconstruction this spring and summer. “The good news is it’s looking like they won’t have to be re-routed,” she said, adding that Kittmer will outline some suggestions for merchants.

“When we’re talking to the downtown merchants, what we’re really talking about is removing employee parking from the Queen Street area and making sure that we’ve got the best available parking for clients and customers,” she said. “Whereas, with the industrial group, the message will be more providing some information on the construction on the thoroughfare and timing on it, and what to anticipate when you’re driving through it.”

Attending in the place of Mayor Al Strathdee on behalf of the municipality will be Coun. Jim Craigmile, she said. “He’s actually bringing a group from the high school, the DCVI Inclusion Team, to share some of the inclusionary initiatives they’ve been doing,” said Badgley.

She said they’re expecting a group of over 50 people from the town’s larger business and industrial base. “I think that the breakfast itself is in keeping with the Town’s goal of having communication in a variety of different forms and manners and being accessible to its constituents,” she added.

For more information about the industry breakfast, contact Badgley at 519-284-2340 ex. 272, or, for information on the presentations, call Kittmer at 519-284-2340 ex. 216.