Independent Q&A with Trent Dundas of DCVI Athletics and St. Marys Lincolns

By Scott Maxwell
The Huron-Perth high school boys baseball season has come to an end, with St. Marys DCVI (3-4) finishing in fifth place and just outside of the playoff picture. Meanwhile, the GOJHL is just wrapping up the second month of its 2015-2016 Jr. B hockey season, with the St. Marys Lincolns looking for some redemption after last season’s tough last-place finish. What do these two teams have in common? St. Marys athlete Trent Dundas. Dundas, 18, played most of the last two seasons with the Jr. C. Mitchell Hawks, while making a handful of appearances at the Jr. B level. But this is the first time the 6’1″ defenceman has laced up with St. Marys for more than seven games in a season; so far he’s played in all 15 games, also tallying an assist back on Sept. 12. The Independent recently caught up with the fifth-year DCVI student to ask him about being a multi-sport athlete and his plans for the future.

What was the reason you started to play baseball?
It’s just something my family does, we’ve been playing baseball for generations, and it’s something we enjoy doing.
And hockey?

The same thing, I started when I was younger, and my parents and my brother loved it, and I was the same way.
Who’s been an inspiration to you throughout your career?

Definitely my dad is the number one choice, he’s always been there, doesn’t matter what sport or event it is, he’s always there for me, and we both love doing it.

Has there ever been a time when you felt like you couldn’t play anymore?
I broke my collarbone twice last season about 10 weeks apart playing hockey, and I was scared when it happened the second time because I thought the doctor would say that I wasn’t allowed to play contact sports.

What was the greatest moment of your career?
Two years ago, it was my first year playing fastball, and I got picked up by Kitchener to go play in the Canadian championships. We won in extra innings, and it was the first time that I had won a championship, so it was pretty special.

Are sports something you hope to be in your future, or do you have other plans?
Absolutely, I plan on doing sports. I’d love to live my life around sports, maybe get a job one day that involves sports because that’s what I love to do. I love playing it, I love the aspects around sports, whether it’s with management or the business side of it – anything like that.

How well did the school’s baseball team work together?
Quite well, we had a really good group of guys, I liked playing with all of them. Our coach, Scott McCutcheon, was really good at it. He was a great coach, everyone really liked him. He put in the effort, even though he doesn’t have a kid on the team and he’s got his own family at home, so he did a really good job.

What was your role on the team?
This is my fifth year on the team, with me being a fifth-year high school student, so I’m showing the younger guys what it’s all about. I was the catcher, so when some of the younger pitchers were on the mound, or when things would go a little south, I was the one that had to calm everyone down.

Who stands out in the dugout the most?
Definitely our coach, whenever things started going south, he was pretty quick to make sure we didn’t get too riled up. That happened a couple times this season, but he made sure that we didn’t let it happen the whole game – just for an inning or two. He was pretty good at that.

Was there anyone on the team you had a lot of chemistry with?
Evan Lindsay. We’ve played baseball for the last four or five years together, and we’ve played both hardball and fastball together. We’ve learned each other’s playing style, so that when he pitches and I catch, we have good chemistry, and we normally work well together.

Are there any lessons from one sport that you have applied to the other?
Definitely how I handle losing. Doesn’t matter what sport you’re playing, there’s times when you win and times when you lose, so you have to learn how to deal with it and bounce back. Last year playing for the Midgets in town, we were down 2-0 in a series, but we came back and won three straight. I think that will put a big impact on how I take losing in sports, and how you know that you’re never out of it, and you always have a chance.

How did it feel when you made the Lincolns team?
It felt pretty good. I played a couple games in the past, and I was talking with the coaches over the summer, and we talked about the plans, and what was going to happen this year. I was excited, it’s always nice playing for your hometown, no matter what sport it is, or what level – it’s your hometown and you always play with pride.