Hutton Transport Ltd. Bought by Milton-based Bradley J Grant Investments – By Dan Rankin

St. Marys Cement, which bought Hutton Transport Limited from the Hutton family in the 1960s, has sold majority ownership of the trucking business to Milton-based Bradley J. Grant Investments (BJG). St. Marys Cement maintains minority ownership of Hutton, which operates from yards in Uniondale and Bowmanville, following the deal, which took effect July 1.
In an interview yesterday, Hutton general manager Dave Coleman characterized the deal as a change in ownership only, that they were working to make sure was “seamless and transparent.”
“The name, location and contact information for Hutton Transport remains unchanged,” he said. “Customers know how and where to reach us.”
According to Coleman, BJG operates several trucking, logistics and warehousing businesses that support customers in Ontario, Michigan and New York. He called it an “excellent fit” for Hutton Transport, that will enable St. Marys Cement to more strongly focus on their core concerns: producing cement, concrete and aggregates.
Hutton will continue to deliver materials for St Marys Cement as their primary transportation services provider, operate their order desk and provide logistical services, he said.
“Our focus will remain on ensuring reliable and timely delivery of cement,” said Coleman, noting that BJG boasts 50 years of experience and offers a wide range of “over-the-road and logistics services,” to complement Hutton’s operations.