Hospital Foundation issue resolved – Town to donate $300K

The pros and cons of how to donate money to the Hospital Foundation continued at Town Council on Tuesday night. At the last Committee of the Whole meeting, Coun. Don Van Galen wanted the money to be designated for specific capital items. Coun. Bill Osborne stated that the Foundation should know where to spend the money and the Town should leave it up to them. The Foundation suggested three options for the Town, including paying for the Digital X-Ray, which costs $356K, a choice of capital equipment , a list of which was given to Council, and the last option was a revitalization of 7 private rooms and 4 semi-private rooms, at a cost of $303K. Although the last option was considered Coun. Osborne pointed out that if the Town did this, it might not seem right to have the Town’s name listed on all the doors as this might eliminate further donations from families. On a suggestion from Coun. Pope, a motion was presented saying that the Town would donate the $300K and the Foundation would tell the Town where the money was spent. On a recorded vote, this motion passed on a recorded vote with Coun. Van Galen and Coun. Hainer voting against.