Greg Smale taking over as proprietor of St. Marys Bowling lanes

Statement from owner of the Bowling Lanes John Rinn:
I would like to thank Steve and Tracy Fenz for their years of service at the St. Marys Bowling Lanes. We are very excited to announce that Greg Smale will be taking over as Proprietor of St. Marys Bowling Lanes. The bowling alley is looking to grow youth leagues and promote open play, with Greg being a local guy, and being involved in the sporting community for many years we feel that he will be the perfect fit. He is one of those guys in town that everyone knows and likes. This will be good for Greg, the bowling alley and the community.
Statement From Greg Smale:
I am extremely excited about this fantastic opportunity John and Scott have given me. I am going to work hard to make sure our leagues continue to be successful in town and work with the bowlers within those leagues to make sure the bowling program we provide in St. Marys continues to thrive. Immediately my first course of action is to strengthen our Kids league on Saturday mornings, and begin plans for the women’s league on Monday nights. Over time I hope that the open bowling and multiple fun promotions we run on those nights will become a hit with the residents of St. Marys.
I’m looking forward to seeing many faces, old and new at the lanes in the near future.