Grants for downtown beautification – New ‘Village Craft & Candle” undergoing renovations

As part of the Town’s plan to help beautify the buildings in the downtown core, they started a grant program to help store owners in façade improvements. This program, called the “Town’s Façade Improvement Grant Program”, allows store owners to recoup 30% of the eligible cost to a maximum of $3,000. Coupled with this grant is a second grant which came into effect when the downtown was designated as Heritage. Under this program, store owners can recoup 50% of the lowest estimate or 50% of the actual cost to a municipal contribution of $2,500 for painting or $7,500 for work to improve the architectural elements. An example of these grants in action is the new “Village Craft & Candle” store at 158-160 Queen Street. When Sue Griffiths purchased the building she decided to renovate the building. Not only will the building be “beautified” by painting but the exterior of the building will be transformed back to as close as the original design of the building looked as possible. Both of these projects were approved under the two grants. The grants have to be approved before the work starts to be eligible. Griffiths told the Independent that the new store is open for business and that the exterior work should be completed by the middle of next week. If anyone needs any information on either of these grant programs, they should contact Grant Brouwer at the Town for all the details.