Granton Skateboard Park seeking support through Aviva Community Fund

By Dan Rankin
The Aviva Community Fund has returned and is once again offering $1 million of funding to support projects planned by groups and charitable initiatives in communities across Canada. One such group is the Granton Park Committee, which is seeking to create a skateboard park to add to the amenities of the Granton Community Park.
On their project idea page, located at, the committee says they “are conscious of the changing demographics in our area, and are committed to growing and adapting our community park to meet those emerging needs.”
“The youth of Granton are in need of a skate board park,” they write, on the page posted Sept. 16. “They are currently skating on the busy highways and streets, and damaging the park’s picnic tables when using them as ramps.”
They say skateboarders also sometimes resort to skating on Granton’s tennis court.
A shortage of recreation options for young people in the Community Park has also led to kids deciding to climb the surrounding trees, “which in turn resulted in a young girl breaking both of her wrists just two weeks ago,” they write.
“Our village is enthusiastic about this project and eager to create a safe and fun place for our youth to play and meet with friends,” they said. “We are most concerned for their safety.”
The group representing the village of 500 entered their idea under the “Community Health Category” and are seeking $50,000 for the park, based on a quote they received for a skateboard park.
It’s still a week before the window to submit ideas closes. Voting on ideas begins Oct. 6.
Votes determine which ideas advance to the final judging round of the competition. Registered voters can vote once daily up to 18 times between the day voting opens and Oct. 23 at 4:00 pm. The Granton committee are hoping some people around the area lend them a few of those votes.
Sept. 18 on their Facebook page, the people behind the Granton Skateboard Park Project wrote “We have been approved by Aviva and need EVERYONE in the world to vote starting Oct 6th!!! To win the grant to have the skateboard park put in Granton we need the most votes out of all of the submissions. So let’s show them how dedicated we are.”