Fourth Annual Downtown Car Show

Reg and Denise McClory’s red 1987 Chevy Camaro LT was right in the centre of the action Saturday, parked at the intersection of Queen and Wellington.

Locals Art Bage, left, Marlene Forman and Clare Forman took some time to admire some of the vehicles downtown on Saturday

Hamilton native Gary Haley’s 1965 Pontiac Parisienne station wagon was a real blast from the past, with a tray full of replica A&W drive in snacks that looked almost good enough to eat.

St. Marys’ Fourth Annual Downtown Car Show, which took place Aug. 22, was bigger than ever, with over 140 cars registered and gleaming around downtown by noon on Saturday. Thanks to an extension of the show along Wellington Street between Queen and Jones Streets, over 25 more spaces were open over last year. Downtown was packed not only with cars, but also pedestrians of many different descriptions: locals and tourists, motorheads and looky-loos. The cars served as an attraction for people of all ages, from folks old enough to remember when some of the vehicles that seemed straight out of American Graffiti were rolling off assembly lines, to young ones not even born in that century.