First Perth South Rural Economic Development tourism video up on YouTube Focuses on River Valley Golf and Tube Slide By Dan Rankin

On June 25, the first of four videos showcasing business success stories from around Perth South went live on YouTube, posted by Perth County Business.
The video, entitled simply “River Valley,” is just over two minutes in length and is narrated by River Valley Golf and Tube Slide manager Danny Tkaczuk. He describes the history of the business as sweeping images of the course and winter tube slide facilities are shown on screen. Similar videos will be rolled out in the coming days profiling C’est Bon Cheese, Gildale Farms and Quadro Communications.
Perth South CAO Tim Ivanyshyn showed off each of the Perth South videos, as well as one entitled “Invest in Perth County” and one called “Perth County Tourism” at the Perth South Council meeting on June 16.
Vignettes similar to those created for Perth South businesses were also made for companies in the county’s other lower tier municipalities, he said.
“The whole idea behind them is to attract people to come to our community, set up businesses, raise families, prosper, and hopefully stay here,” Ivanyshyn said, adding that the videos were made possible by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ Rural Economic Development (RED) program.
According to OMAFRA’s website, Perth County, together with its five regional municipalities and the Perth County Visitor’s Association, received a grant of “up to $25,000 for a promotional video project featuring community attractions.” Perth County provided $8,500 to the project and Perth South, along with the other lower-tier municipalities, each contributed $3,250 towards the production of the videos, Ivanyshyn said.
Through the program, Perth South business Scenic Holsteins Ltd. was awarded “up to $146,260 to support the development of Ontario’s first on-farm, artisanal raw milk cheese processing facility.” The facility will “include the integration of state-of-the-art equipment and integrate the transfer of knowledge of Swiss cheese making from a qualified Swiss cheese maker to a local apprentice.”
The City of Stratford will also receive “up to $20,000 to develop a strategic plan to grow its digital media industry.”
Links to the River Valley and other tourism videos can be found at and