Facebook’s Awkward Teenage Years Loom

By Stewart Grant
Some kids easily make the transition from childhood into adolescence. For others, the period represents a crossroads of sorts where it can be difficult to choose the right path.
Facebook was born on February 4th, 2004. And what a cute little company it used to be! Facebook was a revelation, and people young and old flocked to the social media site to see what it would come up with next.
Facebook in its “young-child” years was particularly precious. It was old enough so that it could do interesting things, but young enough in that everything was still new and exciting. It seemed everyone wanted to be around Facebook at this age, and the feeling was mutual.
Yesterday, Facebook turned twelve years old, and concern is growing about what it will be like as a teenager.
Speaking of concern, the most interesting thing that I read on Facebook yesterday was the following post in which a friend of mine called Facebook out on its recent behaviour:


We might have all been secretly noticing Facebook’s persistent blemishes as it approached its teenage years, but it took my friend’s public post to really draw attention to the issue.
It seems that Facebook just ain’t what it used to be. It’s not as interactive and engaging as we remember. It seems like Facebook is selling out, and it is largely filled with corporate-types, spammers and click-baiters. As such, teenagers and young adults are avoiding it in greater numbers, and instead are choosing to interact with Snapchat and Instagram. For now, the older folks are trying their best to keep Facebook on the right path, but patience is growing thin.
As Facebook enters its teenage years, it truly needs to work on its relationship skills if it wants to continue living under our roof. We’ll see what happens.