Daycare to relocate to Holy Name

Bridge Grant and other Town news

Town staff were given the go-ahead at Council on Tuesday to proceed with negotiations with the Huron-Perth Catholic School Board to relocate the Daycare Centre to Holy Name of Mary School. Staff were also to report back to Council on options for selling 121 Ontario Street, which is the present location of the Daycare Centre. “This will be one of the best things this Council has done this term”, Mayor Al Strathdee said in supporting the proposed relocation. The present location has many deficiencies according to a report and the centre has been “grandfathered” to stay open, but eventually changes would have to be made for the centre to stay open. Moving to the new location at Holy Name School would eliminate the need for these changes. The proposal at Holy Name would see the new centre located at the south side of the school and it would have its own playground on the same south side. The change was unanimously supported by Council with the proposed change happening Sept. 1.

Town CAO Brent Kittmer, announced that the Town has received $198,450 in funding under the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund, for the Water Street Bridge rehabilitation project. Kittmer said that the grant request was submitted as a “needs” request rather than a “wants” request. Mayor Strathdee noted that was the first grant of this size received by the Town in the last five years.

The cost estimate for the downtown reconstruction project has zoomed past the $2 million mark because of an earlier erroneous “lower” figure being used as well as additions being added such as new equipment for the traffic lights. This amount also includes work to be done on the Victoria Bridge. Of course, the real number will be when the tenders are opened for the project which should be in near future.

The request by the Baseball Hall of Fame for funding will not be getting an early answer because Council intends to have a full review of the proposal. CAO Brent Kittmer said that all avenues will be investigated with a legal overview being the first step. Council passed a motion to have the proposal studied, with only Coun. Don Van Galen voting against, saying “we might as well give them an early “No” instead of a later “No”.