Community support sought to “kickstart” new sports app – Biliztik Sports campaign launched last week at

The Biliztik Boys
By Stewart Grant
Back in 2000, Don Corby and friend Chris Mills came up with an idea for a unique line of sports-themed board games. Fifteen years later, this concept has evolved with the times into a multi-dimensional sports app that is now in the final stages of development. For the next 23 days, until Dec. 14, Biliztik Sports has an active campaign on crowdfunding website where they seek to raise money to push completion of their sports app across the finish line.
When it comes to crowdfunding, represents the gold standard in popularity, credibility, and security. Since Kickstarter launched in April 2009, nearly 100,000 different projects have been funded worldwide, and over $2 billion has been pledged towards projects of all types. Cumulatively since inception, 37% of all Kickstarter projects have reached their funding targets.
Biliztik Sports is hoping that with the support of the community, they can join the list of Kickstarter success stories. Per Corby, “It’s been proven that the key to a successful campaign is getting that initial support from family, friends, and the local community. By pledging their support, even in increments as low as $5, and by sharing the campaign with others that they know, that group of family, friends and the community play a huge role in the success of a project.”
Though Kickstarter represents the current chapter in the Biliztik story, it is far from the beginning. Along the way, some of Corby’s friends from St. Marys have bought into his entrepreneurial idea and have invested into the company. The Executive Committee of Biliztik Sports is comprised of Corby, Mills, Steve Nethercott, Reg Clinton, Rick Conard, and Rich Gratton. As a sign of the group’s sense of humour, a hockey-themed ceramic figure by the name of Tie Gnomey serves as company mascot.
Like every Kickstarter project, Biliztik Sports has produced a series of short, entertaining videos that can be viewed easily at by typing the word “Biliztik” into the Search field. From this same part of the website, additional details on the campaign can be viewed, along with options of how people can pledge their support for the project.
Pledge options start at just $5 (which gets the contributor listed on the Biliztik “Wall of Fame”), and increase in value and rewards from there. The popular $30 pledge earns contributors a variety of rewards which include a Biliztik t-shirt and Five Hosting Credits which can be redeemed when the app goes live. Meanwhile, they have already had at least one taker on the $500 pledge option which features VIP access (for two) to the Biliztik annual Super Bowl party for each of years 2017 through 2022.
If you want to support these local guys, pledge your support or share their campaign at The campaign is open for a limited time, and any Kickstarter pledges are null and void if the project does not reach their funding goal, thus protecting campaign contributors and creators alike.