Capital items highlight budget

Average $30 increase per household

The “public” budget meeting held at the Town Hall on Tuesday was a quiet affair with more staff present than general public. Town Treasurer Jim Brown went through the numbers and noted that the average increase per household would be $30 this year. The total tax levy for the Town will be just over $11 million this year which is 2% more than last year. The big “Capital and Special Projects” items this year will include the Downtown reconstruction which, with the Victoria Bridge, will be $2.1 million, the Emily /Glass Street reconstruction and extension is tagged at $2.2 million and the Water Street bridge rehabilitation comes in at $588K. Other notable items include the Bell Tower repair at the Town Hall for $300K, replacement for a Fire Aerial Truck $500K, replacement of the Compactor at the Landfill Site $325K and PRC Roof Replacement comes in at $180K. The budget is expected to be formally passed at the next Town Council meeting.