CABARET – The Decadence and Destruction of Berlin comes to St. Marys

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Berlin. New Year’s Eve. December 31, 1931. In a year, Hitler will be proclaimed Chancellor of Germany. The country and the world would move ever closer to war. But on New Year’s Eve, Berlin did not know this. Some would dread the prospect. Some would welcome it. Others would try to ignore it all.
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All photo credit to Lucid Musings Photography
It is this volatile situation that is the setting for CABARET, St. Marys Community Players, latest production coming to St. Marys Town Hall Theatre from October 22 to November 1. The serious subject matter of CABARET represents a different direction for the Players; quite different from recent upbeat musicals and wacky comedies. CABARET packs a serious (and sometimes naughty) punch. It tackles powerful issues in a politically-charged environment – while still entertaining with some tantalizing, knock-out musical numbers. Driving those knock-out numbers is the talented 7-piece band that drives the musical to a whole new level.
And that’s not all. This production has brought together a wealth of talent onstage and off. Terry Todd, the highly respected director returns after many years to St. Marys and leads a very talented cast. The opportunity to work on CABARET has also drawn several wonderful ‘newbies’ to SMCP for the first time. One of note is Musical Director, Karen Rempel. Karen brings strong musical theatre experience plus she’s actually onstage for the entire show as the Band Leader in the Kit Kat Klub!
The Kit Kat Klub is where most of the CABARET story is told. It’s a seedy, decadent nightclub – the kind that was all the rage in Berlin in the early 1930s. Bawdy humour. Overt sexuality. Drugs. It was a place where ‘you are welcome to leave your troubles at the door’. But beyond and within the Klub, there is trouble. Two unlikely love stories unfold. One between the drug-addicted, Cabaret singer Sally Bowles and the struggling American writer Cliff Bradshaw, desperately looking for inspiration. (The musical is based upon the semi-autobiographical short story of Christopher Isherwood and his time in Berlin.) The other love story is that of Herr Schultz, a sweet elderly Jewish grocer and his shy landlady, Fraulein Schneider – finding love in their senior years.
“I find that the story of CABARET is both entertaining and instructive: all the patrons of the Kit Kat Klub are voyeurs of their own public lives. What transpires on-stage reflects what occurs in pre-war Berlin and throughout Germany”, says Director, Terry Todd.
Both stories take the audience on a journey where the joy of love meets the reality of the world. The audience follows along as the relationships try to survive those realities. All the while the entertaining musical numbers cleverly drive the story forward and comment on the realities of their world.
“Use your imagination”, says Todd, “and come back in time to the early part of the 1930s”.
Tickets are now on sale at The Flower Shop and More 519-284-2013 or visit to purchase tickets online or for more information about Cabaret, tickets and our meal packages.
CABARET runs at the St. Marys Town Hall Theatre with a preview performance Thursday, October 22nd and opens Friday, October 23rd for a limited time only. Show dates also include Saturday, October 24th with two shows, a 2 pm matinee and an 8 pm evening performance, October 28th, 29th and 30th all 8 pm show times, October 25th, 31st and November 1st, 2 pm matinee shows. Tickets are $20 general admission. The preview performance on Thursday, October 22nd at 8:00 pm with tickets of $15 each.
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All photo credit to Lucid Musings Photography

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All photo credit to Lucid Musings Photography

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All photo credit to Lucid Musings Photography
For more information on Cabaret or St. Marys Community Players please contact:
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