Brighter days are ahead!

Weather, that great starter of conversations, has been kind to us so far. Back in the day, whenever that was, we were in the supposed Snowbelt, when we would have been blasted with snow continuously. In those days, announcements would be made about work places being closed or certain shifts being cancelled.
For some reason, storms seem to be missing our area, with storms blasting parts of the US and the Eastern parts of Canada. And these storms have been severe with road closures, accidents, businesses being closed and massive damage being caused. It is ironic that for many in the US, Canada is associated with snow, but, in reality they have had more snow than we have had. And these storms are not just limited to northern parts, but can occur in some southern states.
Although we have had some occasional bad weather days, on the whole we have been very lucky. Whether this is due to El Nino, global warming or whatever, we will certainly take it. Even the cold has not been as severe this year, as compared to last year for example. Certainly, this has had a direct savings for most people with heating bills. And as we head towards the last half of February, everything ahead is all good. The days are getting longer, March Break is just around the corner, and of course Easter is earlier this year with Easter Sunday being on March 27th.
And the best news of all? Baseball spring training starts next week with pitchers and catchers reporting.
As Percy Shelley wrote “O, wind” if winter comes, can spring be far behind”.