Biliztik Sports revolutionizes the fan experience with new R.I.S app – Company pushes to the finish line with Kickstarter campaign

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Biliztik Sports is set to revolutionize the fan experience with their upcoming app, giving every sports fan the best parts of gaming, social and digital media.
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“At Biliztik Sports we feel sports fans need their own platform to play, share and chat,” says CEO Don Corby. “With Biliztik, you don’t have to bounce from one social media site to another. It’s all here in one place.”
App features include:

  • The R.I.S (Realtime Interactive Sports) gaming system. The R.I.S system lets you predict and play along with the live game, whether you’re in the stands or on the couch. Fun, fast, and exciting, enjoy one of the many free games available or upgrade for the cost of playing a game at an arcade. You can also host your own game with a group of friends.
  • The Locker Room. Analyze the game, the season, and more with other sports fans in this online forum. Post your photos and comments and be a part of the Locker Room conversation.
  • The Digital Media Centre. Turn photos into trading cards, get the cards autographed and share to other social media platforms.

Development of the app is in process, but Biliztik needs one last push from sports fans to get to launch.
Biliztik Sports has set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and encourages its many current and future supporters to donate.
“We have raised funds locally but now we need your support,” they write. “You could be a part of a special project. Please pledge, share and promote our Kickstarter Campaign.”
Visit Biliztik’s Kickstarter campaign on Facebook (Biliztik Sports Inc.) or on twitter (@Biliztik_Sports) and please share to your friends and family. “Together we can make this happen,” they said.
For more information contact: Don Corby, CEO, Biliztik Sports, 519-282-1942,