Avonbank Ag Solutions donates $100,000 to hospital foundation’s Someone I Know campaign


Pictured, from left, are Pat Craigmile, Ken McCutcheon and John McIntosh, representing the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation, and Jerry Martens, Mike Hargrave, Justin Martens, Ryan Coward and Lucas Martens of Avonbank Ag Solutions, who Saturday presented the foundation with a donation of $100,000 as a part of its $5 million Someone I Know capital campaign.

By Dan Rankin

During a cheque presentation Saturday that represents an annual commitment of $20,000 to the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation for the next five years, Avonbank Ag Solutions President Jerry Martens described why the local hospital has a “near and dear” place in his heart.

“When I was a young boy, I spent a lot of time in St. Marys Hospital,” said Martens. “I had asthma as a child, so I spent a lot of time in an oxygen tent there. I was close to a year in the hospital.”

He has since outgrown the illness, he said, “but as a business in this community, we sometimes use the hospital, for the emergency care we get there.”

“If anybody ever has an accident here at work, then that’s our place to go to,” he said. “That’s why we wanted to support it. We, of course, want to make sure St. Marys Hospital is a viable part of our community for the long term. The foundation is doing their work and we want to contribute to that. We really appreciate everything they do for us.”

Showing his gratitude for the donation by the Granton-area farmstead dealer, hospital foundation chair John McIntosh called Avonbank Ag Solutions’ donation “unbelievable.”

“This means so much to us,” he said. “Thank you so much. This is going to set such a standard for other like-businesses, as we move forward in our campaign.”

The hospital foundation began it’s $5 million capital campaign just over a year ago. Over $3 million in donations has been collected so far.

“As you get to this point in the campaign, things tend to slow down,” McIntosh said. “It’s gifts like this that tend to spark it again and move it ahead. It’s a great thing.”