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Hospital Foundation issue resolved – Town to donate $300K

The pros and cons of how to donate money to the Hospital Foundation continued at Town Council on Tuesday night. At the last Committee of the Whole meeting, Coun. Don Van Galen wanted the money to be designated for specific capital items. Coun. Bill Osborne stated that the Foundation should know where to spend the money and the Town should leave it up to them. The Foundation suggested three options for the Town, including paying for the Digital X-Ray, which costs $356K, a choice of capital equipment , a list of which was given to Council, and the last option was a revitalization of 7 private rooms and 4 semi-private rooms, at a cost of $303K. Although the last option was considered Coun. Osborne pointed out that if the Town did this, it might not seem right to have the Town’s name listed on all the doors as this might eliminate further donations from families. On a suggestion from Coun. Pope, a motion was presented saying that the Town would donate the $300K and the Foundation would tell the Town where the money was spent. On a recorded vote, this motion passed on a recorded vote with Coun. Van Galen and Coun. Hainer voting against.

First Baptist Church can apply for grant – Council divided on issue

When Rev. Margaret Smart-Wheaton appeared at the Committee of the Whole meeting, she explained that they had misinterpreted the rules regarding the Downtown Revitalization and Heritage Grants. On Tuesday night the issue was discussed at Council with conflicting views expressed. The issue was could this application for the grants be processed after the fact even though it is stipulated that the application must be submitted before the work starts. Coun. Tony Winter said that at the latest Heritage meeting, they had no problem with the church applying. Grant Brouwer informed Council that if this was approved the church would receive $8,750 although the grant account shows a little over $5,300 is available. Coun. Pope was not in favor of approving arguing if this was a commercial application and not a church, it would have been denied. She said that “it is not fair or equal treatment” although she said a mistake was made. A motion to send the Church’s application for approval was passed with Coun. Pope and Coun. Hainer voting against.

Lang Zoning Amendment denied – Application turned down previously

An application from Lang Contracting Co. Ltd, to seek an amendment to change zoning at 25 James Street North has been denied by Town Council. The land in question is beside the train station and was deemed surplus land and sold by the Town. Gerry Lang explained to Council that he wanted to build two residential homes on the property. Coun. Bill Osborne reminded Council that the same request was turned down by Council and that he would be standing by the same reasons that it was turned down previously. Donna Aldis, a neighbour to the property, presented a petition to Council signed by all the neighbours asking for the application to be denied. She noted that the Town had stipulated that as part of the sale, a building would have to have been erected within one year, which had passed. Grant Brouwer informed Council that due to an error this point was missed by staff and the Town Solicitor. Coun. Van Galen pointed out that a study conducted for the Town had indicated that this should be a single lot only. In a recorded vote, Council voted unanimously to deny the application.

Melodies near the Museum

Melodies at the Museum became Arias at the Anglican Hall Wednesday evening due to the chilly weather, but that didn’t stop over 60 people from coming out to hear a concert by St. Marys’ own soprano Diana Bryans. Continue Reading

Perth-Wellington Liberal Party Candidate Stephen McCotter Q & A

St. Marys native Stephen McCotter is pretty well-known around this part of the riding, as the owner of the Westover Inn, former St. Marys municipal councillor, and man in charge at the St. Marys-based McCotter Law Office. As the local federal candidate for the Liberal Party, McCotter is now spending most of his time trying to become as well-known around the entire riding of Perth-Wellington as he is here.Continue Reading

Perth-Wellington Conservative Party Candidate John Nater Q&A – By Dan Rankin

A resident of Mitchell where he lives with his wife and young daughter, Perth-Wellington Conservative Party candidate John Nater became involved in the region’s agricultural community at a young age. He grew up on the family farm in Logan township that his grandparents purchased when they came to Canada in 1952, and where his parents still live. He hasn’t been involved with politics quite that long, but it’s close. For almost 12 years he’s worked with the Conservatives federally and provincially and, at the municipal level, has served West Perth as councillor.
What would you say led you to becoming a candidate in this federal election?
I believe in giving back. So, for me public service is important. I’ve been involved in public service in one form or another for my entire adult life. Running in this election is my way of continuing work on behalf of our communities. This is an important election. We continue to live in difficult economic times and we need to continue with the leadership of Prime Minister Harper both at home and on the world stage. I’ve been involved in a number of activities that would make me qualified to hit the ground running on Day 1 as the Member of Parliament for Perth-Wellington. I’m proud to be part of the Conservative team and I’m proud to be running in this election.Continue Reading

New traffic laws start next week

Starting on September 1st, new traffic laws which were approved in June will come into effect. The bill is called the “Making Ontario Roads Safe Act” and will come into effect just before the new school season starts.
Here is a look at of some of the new traffic laws that are most likely to affect your everyday driving as of next Tuesday.
Distracted driving: If you’re caught looking at your phone, texting or talking on your phone while driving, you will face much bigger fines and more demerit points, the province is warning. The current fine for distracted driving is approximately $200. As of Tuesday, those found guilty of distracted driving will face fines up to $1,000 and more demerit points. Drivers with G1 or G2 licenses could have their permits suspended on the spot.Continue Reading

This Sunday is “Canada Baseball Day” at Rogers Centre – By Dan Rankin

The lucky first 20,000 fans into the Rogers Centre for “Canada Baseball Day” on Sunday will not only get to see the Blue Jays take on the Tigers (projected Toronto starter: R.A. Dickey), but will also each go home with a red replica Blue Jays jersey.
On a day celebrating baseball in Canada, naturally our very own Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame was also invited to take part in the festivities.
“We will be down there with a large display space in the 200 level outfield area,” said manager of operations Scott Crawford. “We’ll also be presenting [Toronto Star baseball columnist] Richard Griffin with his Jack Grainey Award and giving [Toronto Sun baseball columnist and 2015 CBHFM inductee] Bob Elliott his induction plaque in front of his home crowd. We’ve already presented both awards, but the team thought this would be a great opportunity to promote St. Marys and the Hall of Fame.”
To go along with the theme of Canada and baseball, Rogers Sportsnet recently produced a documentary titled “There’s No Joy in Beachville: The True Story of Baseball’s Origin,” about former St. Marys resident Dr. Adam E. Ford’s written account of a game that took place in nearby Beachville, Ontario on June 4, 1838. It’s widely accepted (though not in Cooperstown) as the first recorded baseball game in history.Continue Reading

July 2015 field crops report shows first decrease in soybean production since 2007

Conducted between July 22 and Aug. 3 and released on Aug. 21, the July Farm Survey of crop production covered about 13,000 Canadian farms, asking them to report their estimated area, yield and production of grains, oilseeds and special crops.
The survey collected data from five provinces, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Among the survey’s findings were, for the first time since 2007, national soybean production is expected to decrease in 2015. Anticipated production was reported at 5.9 million tonnes, down 3.2 percent from 2014. Soybean production had posted consecutive record highs since 2009.Continue Reading

Hog Numbers Up, Cattle Numbers Down

Another Statistics Canada report released on Aug. 20 showed that the hog inventory is increasing in Canada, and so is hog slaughter. While the number of hog farms in Canada has gone down slightly, hog populations have gone up about one percent from last year.
Canada exported almost three million head in the first half of the year, which is more than 17 percent higher than 2014. Hog slaughter also increased in Canada during the same time frame, up three percent from last year. The U.S. has also seen a strong demand for hogs, with an increase in slaughter this year as well.
Meanwhile, the Canadian cattle inventory continues to shrink. On July 1, Canadian farmers had 13 million head on their farms, which is down about 2 percent from last year, and down 23 percent from a decade ago.
Dairy cow and heifer numbers are also down from last year.

Fourth Annual Downtown Car Show

Reg and Denise McClory’s red 1987 Chevy Camaro LT was right in the centre of the action Saturday, parked at the intersection of Queen and Wellington.Continue Reading